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Colorado Springs Gazette

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Antelope Valley Press

Barstow Desert Dispatch

Rocky Mountain News


The Gazette

The Colorado Springs Gazette, which bought the Colorado Springs Sun, covers the entire Front Range city.

Print, the old-fashioned way

When I graduated college from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, with a Technical Journalism degree, I set out on what would become a 15-year newspaper career, working in California at the Barstow Desert-Dispatch and Antelope Valley Press, and as a correspondent for the San Diego Union-Tribune, and as sports editor in Nebraska at the Scottsbluff Star-Herald, (where I won awards for column, section and feature story of the year in sports, and -- at right -- Breaking News story of the Year from the AP for a fatal explosion at the biggest area employer). I also worked in Colorado for the Rocky Mountain News, as a freelancer, and for my hometown paper, the Colorado Springs Gazette.

While the places are memorable, and in the case of Barstow, forgettable, for different reasons, one thing all share are great stories about interesting people. I often hear that I write about so many different events (school board meetings, city council, courts, business) and sports (you name it, I've written about it), how do I keep them straight? I don't really ever write about anyTHING, I write about anyone, and to me, the people are the story. The frailty and strength of the human spirit usually tells the entire story -- I just have get them to share, and the get the words in the right order.


AP Breaking News Story of the Year

An explosion shook the roof in our building. The sugar factory explosion at 10 p.m. changed a lot of lives. I was the one who wrote the story that night, and it changed my view of being a journalist. It also gave me a very important writing award for my career, Associated Press Breaking News Story of the Year.


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