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A book tour with free "Young author workshops" across the state of Montana drew this three-quarter page feature by arts & entertainment reporter Chris Rubich that happened to run in the most widely read edition of the Billings Gazette - the Little Bighorn Sunday paper, for which Lee Newspapers published twice the daily circulation for its readers. Read Story


One of my favorite stories - and along with the Billings Gazette story, the longest about me ever written at more than 1,100 words - is this one by Jean Nash Johnson of the Dallas Morning News, who helped me plug my RV endorsement deal in addition to helping the release of Treasure in Texas in this Texas Living Section Front story, with a photo on the inside page of Garrett and in outside our RV, and a cover of the Treasure in Texas book. Read Story


This nice column by Nelson Price of the Indianapolis Star-News not only netted me a free dinner at an expensive restaurant, it also appeared as a section leading column by Nelson, in which he plugged not only my Olympic Dream and Spirit series of three books, but also my appearance (the day this was published) on C-Span's Book TV as a featured author, which was taped at an Indianapolis Barnes and Noble store. Read Story


The Aberdeen American-News in South Dakota, and its entertainment editor, Don Hall, gave a thumbs up to South Dakota Treaty Search. Read Review


Christian Zavisca, editor of the North Platte Telegraph, took time out of his busy schedule to plug the release of my X-Country Adventure series of books from Baker Book House. Read Story


One of the big benefits of working in the media has been contacting editors to mention my appearances in their cities when I conduct Young Author Workshops at libraries or colleges. This one is from the Grand Island (Neb.) Independent. Read Story



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