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By Bob Schaller

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Stories from America's most-read ice hockey mag


Ken Klee was not one of those NHL players who had nothing to do with himself during the strike. Instead the stay-at-home defenseman became a stay-at-home dad. Read story

Wayne Gretzky will be remembered for a lot of highlights, but one of those includes playing on one of the most dominating lines in NHL history and making Jari Kurri a star. Read story

Coaches who decide to play just their top line or two are not only tiring out their best players, they are short-changing the kids who signed up to be part of a team. Read story

When Joe Howard lost his legs in a train accident, he thought he had lost the promising hockey career he had been building. Little did he know he'd be a world champ. Read story

While American kids are now playing college hockey in greater numbers than ever before, parents need to remember that kids still need time to...well, to be kids. Read story

When a hockey team at any level hits the road, or even plays at home for that matter, the players and fans do not always realize how much hard work some put into the logistics: Read story

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