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Bob Schaller stories from the Colorado Springs Gazette

When Colorado College hired Horst Richardson to coach its soccer team, it got a lot more than it hoped for. Read Story

Ruth hears no words. Once she hits the water, she's at home in a world where she understands everything. Read Story

Mason Boggs wanted a championship; more than that, he wanted to hang out with his best friend -- his brother. Read Story

Not everyone gets to be a star athlete by going to the Air Force Academy, but most get the chance to shine. Read Story

When the Falcons got Robyn Bostick, they got a winner - what she got was a team that had a hard time winning. Read Story

Ricky Hendrick knew if he was ever able to fill his Dad's shoes, he'd reach the heights he wanted to in life. Read Story

Most runners do not head into the season thinking about state titles, but at one school, success is a step process. Read Story